He always had a little gleam in his eye and an innate ability to change the temperature of the room with his smile.  Named after the favored son of Israel, Joseph sang like he wanted to be sure that God could hear him through the ceiling!  …and through the clouds and passed the heavens and far beyond the galaxy!  ‘This is Amazing Grace’ was his favorite song and he knew all the words by heart.  His whole countenance lit up the auditorium like the sun when it hits the horizon in the last dark of the morning when he belted out those awesome lyrics.  You’d never be able to tell by the way he worshipped that he was an orphan!  He sings like a boy that knows his father and knows that his Father loves him.  Joseph lives with his grandmother who takes care of him and hopes one day that he will be a teacher.  And now that’s exactly what he has – HOPE!  A gracious supporter pays $48 a month to make sure that he has a Christian education and a good meal every day.  I can’t wait to see that massive smile in July and together sing at the top of our lungs about the love and grace of our amazing God!